The Skinny (★ ★ ★ ★ ): ” Giles’ performance is exuberant, attractive and addictive to watch. Drone is a beautiful relic of the tragedy of human warfare, a fractured retelling of female experience that serves to remind us that perhaps the biggest and longest war is the one occurring from within, always.”…/re…/drone-tron-theatre-glasgow

The Scotsman (★ ★ ★ ★): “In Drone, the sadness, the unfreedom, and the glimpses of a possible different wayt of being are universal, and exquisitely evoked through the tumbling cloudscapes and vistas in Jamie Wardrop’s stunning circular backdrop of moving visual images.”

The Wee Review ( ★ ★ ★ ★): “Throughout the performance sound artist Neil Simpson develops a constant humming and whirring sounsdscape tha increases the anxiety of the piece. These electronic and buzzing sounds work in tandem with the vocals and visuals. Contorted and malformed video footage of landscapes and cityscapes set the scene and allow us to view the surveillance culture we are part of.”

Exeunt: “The scope of Giles’ poetry is vast, shifting between targets, strafing across twenty or so poems that detail the life of one drone, known as She. She is someone we learn about in fragments, piecing together an image of herselves and ourselves from the noise. She, the drone, becomes a stand-in for us.”…/review-drone-tron-glasgow/


“Just incredible…mesmerising, heartbreaking, playful, beautifully crafted. I cried through about 2/3 of it. SEE THIS” – AR Crow

“I can’t remember when I last saw a show that was so powerfully political, so wildly out there, and yet so consistently and generously entertaining” – Henry Bell

“Oscillating between the comfort of frank recognition and the dread of seeing yourself in the crosshairs, it really nails that feeling of never knowing whether or not you’re in control (and that’s… okay?) Warbly buzzy unsettling goodness ” – Ryan Vance

“I laughed, was mesmerised, and left full of thoughts about the complexities of our relations to one another in these times. ” – Katie

“Funny, disconcerting and personal-political.” – Ishbel MacFarlane

“Extraordinary” – Sean Biggerstaff